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Road map for renovation and extension of District Heating Systems

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Monday 4. May 2020 at 09:00 to Tuesday 5. May 2020 at 17:00

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Tuesday 28. April 2020 at 09:00


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Energy and Climate Academy
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To give the participants a road map of how to renovate and / or expand an existing District Heating System.
After the course the participants will be able to have a better dialogue with external consultants and various stakeholders and thus make better decisions.

Heating of buildings is the single largest consumer of energy in the world. District Heating has proven its value for many years, in relation to improving
energy efficiency. Since the first Danish system was built in 1903 in Copenhagen, the Danish society and Danish companies have gained knowledge and experience in operating and renovating District Heating systems in all scales.

Less CO2 and better economy
Many countries today have a great deal of focus on bringing down their CO2 emissions by reducing their use of fossil fuels. On a global scale the heating
of buildings is the largest consumer of fossil fuels and if this is to be lowered we have to increase efficiency in the existing systems. The energy efficiency in older district heating networks that haven’t been properly maintained, is often poor due to the fact that both the energy distribution and the energy production are inefficient. Combine this with the fact that newer energy sources can be used in district heating and you’ll find that great savings
can be achieved by renovating and optimizing existing district Heating Systems.

In this course we will focus on the core elements of renovating District Heating Systems. Experienced lecturers from the industry and leading universities
will take the participants through the process when renovating a District Heating System.
Site visits
As a part of the course we will visit sites where renovation is taking place and where the participants will meet managers and employees that work daily
in the District Heating.

This course is designed for participants from public and private companies, organizations, cities and regions that want insight in renovating and/or expanding District Heating Systems.
• Planners • Advisers • Engineers • Economists • Technicians • Managers

• History focusing on ongoing renovation and
   expansion of District Heating in Denmark and Europe
• Planning and development of renovation and
• Modern efficient pipe systems
• Network operation and optimization
• Fuel sources of the future
• Why and how to get there
• Site visit
• End users – the customers
• District Heating in the future

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Energy and Climate Academy
Phone: +45 0045 30237636

Organizer Contact Information

Energy and Climate Academy
Phone: +45 0045 30237636